Drow on the move!

Trouble in FallCrest
The rain poured down as a dwarf in heavy armor left the Silvery Unicorn. 3 Humans are walking up a cross street heading to the tavern. A squealing metal beast chases a woman with a piece of her dress in its mouth.

She screams slipping in the mud and crawls behind the dwarf as the beast continues rushing forward. Three brave humans jump from a muddy side street. A large man with a two handed sword smashes into the beast its metal unfazed by the blow. The woman rushes by and leaps to the metal beasts back, she plunges her long daggers into the gap in its shoulder.

Sparks fly, gears grind to a halt. The beast slides forward in the mud, silently it lays in the rain…
Thorn in the Elf Queen

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Halidar had been given the task of defending the south eastern edge of the Winterbole Forest against the incoming undead. He is put in charge of three of the Queens scouts to put down the abominations.

Melthilas checks over his arrows and bow again, reading himself foe the oncoming battle. He re positions himself for better concealment and line of fire at the enemy. Melthilas waits like only a true hunter can.

Halidar waits in a small clearing, confident with his troops behind him. His armor shining in the morning sun. Slightly moving left and right reflecting the sun into the dense forest. Making himself a highly visible target, swinging his sword in large practiced swings, loosening his sword arm.

to be continued.

On the Trail to Nenlast
Trouble at the Guard Post (encounter 1)
As Magnar and Beldan neared the Patrol Post the two dwarves noticed a battle had ensued. Crossbow bolts stick out from the forts palisades and arrows litter the ground. Magnar collects a quiver of arrows while Beldan sneaks to the forts front door. Beldan peeks inside and sees a wolf the size of a pony eating the corpse of a guard. Beldan quietly sneaks away to Magnar. Beldan says to Magnar " Theres a mangy dog the size of a pony inside the fort eating at tha dead." Magnar replies" we need to get rid of tha beast and see that the dead are properly buried. You get on top of the forts walls and cover me."

Beldan nods and easily scales the wooden walls. Once on top Beldan hides behind a barrel of arrows out of the dire wolfs view. He watch’s as a human dressed in poor leather armor bends over a body riffling through it. Beldan prepares his bow.

Magnar attempts to sneak, but his heavy armor hampers his ability to move quietly and instead sounds like a pack full of pots approaching the forts door. As Magnar gets close the dire wolf launches through the door at the dwarf knocking him down. Magnar fends the wolfs savage attack and rolls out from under the dire wolf.

While Magnar wrestles with the wolf the bandit in the fort heads to the door to investigate what his pet has gotten. Beldan aim his bow and prays for true aim. The arrow flies true as it buries into the bandits chest. The bandit drops dead without a a word.

The dire wolf closes on Magnar as he gets up. Jaws like a vice clamp down on the dwarfs back, shaking him brutally, ripping the armor and flesh on his back. Magnar curses the beast for all hes worth. Beldan hearing his master scream in pain peers over the wall and sees him in the jaws of the wolf. Beldin quickly draws an arrow from his quiver and takes aim. He losses the arrow and hit the dire wolf in the rump.

The dire wolf yelps in pain, dropping the dwarf from his mouth seeking to inflict pain on who hurt him. As the wolf turns to his new enemy Magnar gets up, bloodied and in pain. He raises his battle axe in a two handed grip and whistles. “Hay mongrel bite this!” as the wolf turns to his prey that he thought was dead an axe blade bites deeply into hi face, cleaving his ear and flesh off the right side of his head.

The wolf shocked and hurt by the dwarf with the large axe turns to the dwarf on the wall choosing the easier target. The dire wolf leaps and claws into the wood of the palisade and climbs the forts walls. Beldin draws his rapier and lunges at the wolf that just clambered over the wall. The dire wolf dodges easily from his new preys attack, the wolf growls deeply stalking forward slowly.

Magnar infuriated by the wolfs retreat hurls his battleaxe as it mounts the wall and jumps back. His axe flies true and bites deep into the wolfs side. The wolf lunges forward in pain, surprise, and furry. The dire wolf grabs Beldans arm holding the rapier, ripping his arm out of socket, the wolf then bites hard into the young dwarfs chest, cracking his ribs and opening his stomach to the air.

The wolf drops the dwarf, savoring the taste of his meal after he finishes with the dwarf with the axe. Magnar runs into the fort looking for a ranged weapon. Magnar finds the dead bandit and pulls the crossbow from his back. the dire wolf growls lustful from the wall. Magnar quickly loads the crossbow as the beast leaps from the walls at him, the dwarf falls backward and fires the crossbow at the dire wolf. The bolt leaps from the weapon and pierces the wolfs eye instantly killing it. The dire wolfs body falls onto the dwarf on the ground, totally covering him.

Magnar curses and grumbles as he once again rolls the wolf off of him. " stupid beast thinks he can fly or something." Magnar gets up and brushes his cloths off. " Beldan where in 9 hells are you boy? Beldan!" He looks up at the walls and sees his arm dangling lifeless over the edge.

“Beldan!” Magnar quickly runs to then climbs the ladder to the forts palisades. Once he mounts the walls Magnar runs to the young dwarf seeing his chest and armor in ruins. " dammit boy ya cant die on me now." Magnar whispers. The dwarf applies a pressure dressing to his chest to stop the bleeding. Magnar opens his backpack and shift through its contents finding his medical kit.

Magnar removes the needle and fishing line from the kit. Carefully threading the curved needle. Magnar starts sewing the boy up gently placing the intestines back inside. After what seems an hour that was only a few minutes, the task is done. Magnar checks his handy work and nods. “not out of the woods yet boy. I need to get you down into a bed so i can properly take care of you” Magnar tells himself as a tear slowly falls from his eye.

Magnar sees a crate lift and places Beldan on it and slowly lowers it to the ground. The older dwarf Magnar finds a small cart and pulls it to the younger dwarf. “You better not die on me son!” Magnar puts Beldans body on the cart and pushes him to the barracks.

Once inside Magnar kicks a corpse off of the nearest cot and gently places Beldan upon it. The older dwarf shifts through his pouch and pulls out a vial of reddish liquid. Magnar messages Beldans throat to get him to swallow the liquid. Magnar watches impatiently as the potion takes affect. The wounds on Beldans arm slowly close, the ripped flesh on his chest nit back together. Beldans stitches turn red then pink as the skin fuses together. Magnar smiles as he pulls out his scissors to remove the stitches.

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